Meier's #44 Cream Sherry

Meier’s #44 Cream Sherry

This wine is our premier sherry. The base is a blend of Niagara and Muscat wines. Grape spirits are added to “fortify” the blend. The wine is than aged in 50 gallon barrels for at least three hot Cincinnati summers. The heat and the barrel aging result in a wine rich in nose and flavor. Enjoy as a sipping wine after dinner.


Ohio Wine Competition 2012 Silver Medal 2012 World Beverage Competition Gold Medal Dessert Wine

Employee Pick

Name: Joe

Comments: Joe enjoys sipping on one of Meier’s most decorated wines, #44 Cream Sherry. He really appreciates the time and craftsmanship put into creating this premier sherry. The results include a very smooth, nutty character which has been enjoyed by many generations. Another attraction for Joe is that, rumor has it, Meier’s #44 Cream Sherry was not only a staple at The White House, but a personal favorite of the late JFK, making it the perfect partner while watching presidential debates.

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