Meier's Spiced Wine

Meier’s Spiced Wine

A perfect drink for cold winter evenings and fall holidays. Enjoy the aromas of cinnamon, cloves, and other spices. Place a stick of cinnamon in a mug of spice wine before serving to your guests. Drink warm

Employee Pick

Name: Cindy

Comments: As the temperature begins to drop outside, it becomes more and more obvious why Cindy’s wine pick is Meier’s Spiced Wine. With its wonderful bouquet and flavors of herbs and spices, there’s no doubt, this wine was made for Fall. While Cindy can enjoy this wine straight out of the bottle at room temperature, she highly recommends simmering the Spiced Wine in a crock-pot and enjoying as you would a hot tea. This little bit of labor translates into a drinking experience that will have you wishing the Fall season lasted all year long!!

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